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13 May 2010 @ 03:02 pm
another meme using drrr!  
1. Celty Sturluson
2. Mikado Ryūgamine
3. Masaomi Kida
4. Anri Sonohara
5. Shizuo Heiwajima
6. Shinra Kishitani
7. Walker Yumasaki
8. Erika Karisawa
9. Namie Yagiri
10. Kyohei Kadota

1. Describe the children of #3 and #7? Are they good parents?
LOL. walker and masaomi's children... hyper-active otaku's XD oddly enough, i think they would be great parents XD

2. Describe #5 and #1's first kiss.
omg no it's trying to convert me from shinra/celty. uh... i actually think it would be sweet. haha. damnit.

3. How would #2 react to if #6 is pregnant with #10's baby?
haha. poor mikado XD he would probably be like, "uh... congrats shinra and kadota" while thinking WTF. =P

4. How does #8 convince #7 to go with him/her on a date?
AWWW! erika doesn't NEED to convince walker to go on a date with her. she just has to ask =3

5. Where would #9 and #6 go for their honeymoon? How is #4 going to sabotage their honeymoon?
no no no. namie belongs with izaya and shinra belongs with celty. there would be no wedding and honeymoon, so anri doesn't have anything to sabotage.

6. #6 is in love with #1. #3 confesses his/her love to #6. Whom would #6 pick? Does #8 think s/he made the right choice?
O RLY NOW? hahaha.  shinra IS in love with celty and celty would choose shinra over masaomi any time (probs because he was kidding anyway lol).  as for whether erika approves or not, i think she will =]

7. #5 and #2 must pretend to be a married couple. Why?
hahaha. shizuo and mikado would do it as part of a crazy scheme to trick izaya into doing something for them XD idk.

8. #10 is moving in with #9. What do they fight about the most?
 haha. to be honest, i don't think they'd fight about much. maybe namie would get angry whenever kadota had erika and walker over, but i think that's it. i don't think namie would really care about what kadota does, just as long as it doesn't affect her.

9. How will #4 prove his/her love to #1?
LOL CONSIDERING ANRI HAS A CRUSH ON CELTY. probably vow to protect her against the gang warz.

10. #7 and #4. Love at first sight?
um... maybe he'd think she was cute, but he'd still be with erika =3

11. What would #2 give #9 for Valentine's Day?
haha. why on earth would mikado give namie anything for valentines day? probs some "i feel sorry for you" chocolates.
12. Under what circumstances could #3 and #5 have a happy end?

11. What would #8 like to change about #10? Does number #10 approve?
 haha. letting her call him "dota-chin" and not complain. kadota does not pprove of erika's request.

12. #2 and #7 are together. Who is more protective of the other?
jeez. what's with walker and masaomi being paired together all the time? and i think masaomi would be more protective.

13. Who is first going to say "I love you", #1 or #9?
 haha. tough, since both are... well.. ya know. tsundere? XD not really.

14. Describe #10 and #4's perfect romantic outing.

15. Who suffers from pre-wedding jitters, #3 or #8? How does bridesmaid/best man #10 soothe them?
LMAO. erika and masaomi? XD probably masaomi beng all "kya~ i can't do this~" kadota would basically be like, "stop talking."

16. #6 is a secret admirer. What presents will they make the wo/man of their dreams?
um... idk, her head? haha.
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